Ariana Grande flashes her taut tummy in a cropped sweater and jeans as she heads to a friend’s house with a box of gluten-free donuts

Ariana Grande was spotted arriving at a friend’s home on Friday with a box of treats in tow.

The singer was seen wearing her preferred uniform of straight leg mom jeans, a crop top, and booties, with a tall water bottle tucked under her arm.

Her outfit featured a beige, shrunken, two-ʙuттon cardigan and white boots with a chunky heel.

She was also armed with goodies from fōnuts – a trendy LA bakery that offers what they call ‘enlightened donuts’ which are baked, gluten-free and vegan.

The peтιтe performer had her long, brown tresses parted in the middle and swooped up into a luscious ponytail.

She had a full face of glam on under her soft pink disposable face mask. In one sH๏τ she carried a matching pink reusable water bottle. The dainty star rocked golden eyeshadow and a flawless cat eye.

Her jewelry choice was incongruent — two small hoops in one ear, and a small lobe-hugging piece in the other.

The seasoned songstress will serve as a coach on NBC’s singing compeтιтion The Voice, premiering this fall. It’s been reported that the gig came with a $20million paycheck.

This past spring Ari wed real estate mogul Dalton Gomez. The two, who began dating early last year, honeymooned in Amsterdam.

They were seen together a few weeks ago at Christina Aguilera’s two-night show with Los Angeles Philharmonic in Hollywood.

The gorgeous star, who once dated Mac Miller and later Pete Davidson, has been vocal about her thoughts regarding the 18-month-long pandemic.

She’s taken to social media to encourage fans to get vaccinated and wear masks. ‘Please get your vaccines if you are eligible! This thing is not over yet,’ she advised in a recent post.

On Monday the singer-songwriter shared a sweet side by side pH๏τo of herself with a brown dog. There was no caption, but the post racked up almost 10 million likes from her colossal following of 259 million.