Ariana Grande plays the blonde bombshell as she shimmies in knee-high boots for new Focus music video

Ariana Grande knows exactly how to get the undivided attention of her audience.

In the high-energy music video for her new single Focus, the 22-year-old snaps selfies while dancing and displaying her lithe physique in her signature skin-тιԍнт attire as the mantra ‘Focus on me’ chants in the background.

The video was released alongside the single on Friday, and opens to a silvery-haired Ariana and her silhouette, moving seductively inside a tunnel.

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The Way singer parts her glossy lips for the camera and whips her thick mane of hair over her shoulders as she crouches inside the tunnel on her towering stiletto heels.

After the video alternates between sH๏τs of her silhouette posing and scenes of the star caressing her body, the song’s mantra belts out ‘Focus on me.’

The hit-maker is then joined by a team of back-up dancers, who surround the singer while wearing light purple crop tops and shorts.

Ariana then is seen crawling on the floor in a small violet room, pouting her lips and donning a tiny LBD and knee-high boots.

She dances suggestively inside the room before re-joining her dance crew.

The dancers then saunter around Ariana with their phones held up, and take snaps of the hit-maker as she takes a selfie of herself.

Following the pH๏τography break, Ariana switches into a star-themed dress and boots, performing a sᴀssy choreography routine with her dancers.

Near the conclusion of the video, Ariana whips out a silver trumpet, and holds the instrument to her mouth.

After a montage of Ariana dancing in various outfits, the singer lays down on the ground, looking exhausted after the energetic number.

In the hours and days before Focus was released, Ariana had been hyping up the single and music video.

She tweeted on Thursday: ‘….. so many ʙuттerflies in my stomach … i love u. thank u for being the most loving & supportive babes could ever ask for. #FocusTonight.’

It’s been a great few weeks for the singer, who was also recently nominated for Favorite Female Artist in the pop/rock category and Artist of the Year for the upcoming American Music Awards.

The hit-maker has also been unveiled as the latest star to lend their name to MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam campaign.

Ariana follows in the footsteps of fellow pop stars Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj in lending her face and name to new products sold for profits benefiting the brand’s HIV and AIDS charity.

The new addition, which was announced by the brand on Tuesday, October 27, is a perfect fit for the ever cat-eyed and contoured brunette stunner.

Along with lending her image to the new campaign, Ariana is promoting two new products to go on sale in stores, including a deep plum-colored lipstick in a matte finish and a shimmering baby pink lip gloss.

100 per cent of the proceeds from the Problem singer’s products will those suffering from HIV/AIDS.