Britney Spears glamor in new promotional image

The latest lingerie ad image of Britney Spears shows that the singer has succeeded in trying to get back in shape as before.

Recently, Britney Spears has released the latest advertising image for her Intimate lingerie collection  . In this pH๏τo shoot, the 33-year-old singer appeared seductively with a pink lingerie set, accompanied by luxurious golden high heels.

With this radiant image and standard physique, sales of the  Intimate collection  will surely skyrocket. This is a product line officially launched in the summer of 2014 with a distribution system to 200 countries around the world.

Britney’s business began in 2000 with the  Shade of Britney fashion eyewear line . After that, the female singer continued to launch a series of beauty products and high-end perfume lines. The products are all successful with huge sales.

Besides, Britney Spears has just appeared and attended  the Super Bowl  in Glendale, Arizona with her boyfriend, producer Charlie Ebersol. For this event, the mother-of-two dressed simply with a leather jacket, jeans and black boots.

Britney’s slim figure shows her efforts to change herself and her positive lifestyle in the past time. Surely Britney fans will feel very happy because their idol is back stronger than ever.

It is known that Britney just returned to Las Vegas last week to continue the show  Pieces Of Me  at Planet Hollywood casino.