Britney Spears reveals the secret to “beating” excess fat

Britney Spears has completely changed after being criticized for being fat and old.

After giving birth, the beautiful “pop princess” was gone, replaced by the image of a fat, old and ugly female singer. She is always the topic of discussion among fans. They feel sorry for the H๏τ face and body of Britney Spears once.

“I try to forget the past even though I know it still has a big impact on my life, but now I always try to make an effort in each moment,” Britney shared.

With great effort and determination, the mother of two has regained her form, “dissolving” completely the excess fat on her body. The latest image on Women’sHealth – a prestigious magazine specializing in providing information related to women’s health – proves it.

Here, the 33-year-old vocalist confidently showed off her slim and flat waist with no excess fat. Having said that, to achieve this, the “pop princess” had to persevere and overcome many difficulties.

Not only taking pictures, Britney Spears also revealed secrets related to losing weight as well as talking about her children in this magazine. Listen together and you can apply it to yourself.

Britney shared, on the days she doesn’t go to the show, she always takes advantage of the practice, some days go swimming, some days walk, practice at home or go to the gym or do yoga.

“When I have kids, I don’t stop worrying, this is one of the things that I want God to help me with. I worry most of the time, I worry when they’re at school, worry if they eat or sleep. not enough rest… almost everything”, the vocalist born in 1981 honestly admitted

With effort and perseverance, Britney Spears has regained her slim figure

Confidently show off your waist without excess fat

Britney Spears is trying to regain the image in the eyes of fans