Britney Spears wears a series of Sєxy outfits like lingerie

The H๏τ mother of 2 children with a see-through, super-short performance outfit.

Last weekend, singer Britney Spears returned to the music scene with a tour in Las Vegas. Although she is a mother of two and is no longer young, the once “pop princess” continues to bring on stage a series of extremely bold performance costumes.

On stage, the 34-year-old singer chooses super-short outfits, made from see-through materials with many Sєxy cutouts. Many costumes that look like swimsuits or lingerie were also brought on the catwalk by the Baby once more time voice.

To show the investment for this show, she changed a lot of different clothes, all using special materials, with meticulous beading lines to make a stand out on stage.